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Bergen Record layoffs six

Gannett slashing staff as cost-cutting measure

By David Wildstein, January 23 2019 6:51 pm

The (Bergen) Record today laid off six employees as part of a nationwide move by their owner, Gannett, to cut costs by reducing the size of their editorial staff, according to a Poynter report.

The move comes ten days after Gannett acknowledged that they are the target of a $1.4 billion takeover bid by a hedge fund-backed newspaper chain, Digital First Media, with a history of cutting reporter jobs.

Gannett owns seven other daily newspapers in New Jersey.

According to Poynter, the six layoffs came after nine Record staffers took an early retirement buyout.

“I don’t know how many newsroom jobs Gannett is cutting, but the move it is hardly surprising with a bad fourth quarter financially to be reported soon and more of the same expected for the first part of 2019,’’ said Rick Edmonds, media business analyst for Poynter, in their story. “These cost reductions are typically planned at the end of the year, then carried out in January.  So I doubt the layoffs and buyouts have anything to do with the Digital First takeover bid.’’

The Record has not reported the layoffs on their website.

Dan Sforza, the Record editor, did not immediately respond to a 6:34 PM Twitter direct message seeking comment on the layoffs.

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