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Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin, left, with his running mate, Daryl Kipnis, the GOP candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 12th district. (FACEBOOK PHOTO)

Wife of GOP candidate slams treatment of child by Hugin campaign

Rochelle Kipnis says Hugin tried to silence her

By David Wildstein, November 04 2018 1:40 pm

The wife of a Republican congressional candidate is bashing Bob Hugin again today after finding out that a campaign staffer mistreated her nine-year-old daughter at a campaign rally yesterday.

Rochelle Kipnis initially accepted Hugin’s apology late last night on an earlier incident where when she took to Facebook to criticize the Republican U.S. Senate candidate for snapping at her and her daughters, who were passing out campaign literature for Daryl Kipnis, the Republican running against Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman.

“Actually, it’s not over,” Kipnis told the New Jersey Globe. “Apparently Team Hugin … had the nerve to yell at my child and tell her not to pass out her dads’ literature and tell her she should ‘sit down, not pass out literature, and be quiet.’ She told my child, ‘This Rally is for Bob Hugin and your literature is not to passed out.’

Kipnis posted on Facebook that the Hugin campaign sought to issue a statement last night mitigating the seriousness of her complaints.

“I received quotes from his team asking me to make statements that were not true and so far from the truth that it was insulting,” Kipnis said.

The controversy comes three days before one of the nastiest U.S. Senate races in state history, with Hugin in striking distance of becoming the first Republican to win a New Jersey Senate seat since 1972.

Kipnis says she already voted for Hugin but feels obligated to tell the truth.

“No woman or child deserves to be mistreated ever,” she said.  “I realize that this behavior stems from Bob Hugin. Can’t control himself or his staff. Women, moms, stand up if someone mistreats you. Intimidation isn’t acceptable.”

The treatment of women has been a central theme of both campaigns.  Democrat Bob Menendez has hammered Hugin on his refusal to admit women to an all-male eating club he ran at Princeton University, and Hugin has spent millions on television ads slamming Menendez on unsubstantiated allegation that he slept with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

“Rochelle Kipnis is doing the absolute right thing here — events are what they are. It’s up to Hugin and his team to be mindful of words and actions days before the election,” said Charles Kim, a spokesman for Daryl Kipnis’ campaign. “Hugin is in no position to chastise anyone attending a rally he is at. He should be grateful for people being there at all…with or without kids and should comport himself appropriately.”

Kipnis said her husband is being pressured by Republicans, saying he should “manage his wife.

“I don’t give men a free pass to lash out at women,” she said. “I don’t believe in being silenced. Integrity and honesty are the most important thing. What kind of mom would I be to allow my kids to see this and think it’s okay?”

A spokesperson for the Hugin campaign declined comment.

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5 thoughts on “Wife of GOP candidate slams treatment of child by Hugin campaign

  1. Time for change and move on from corrupt creepy politician bob menendez who has done nothing for the people of New Jersey. Get out and vote for bob hugin and let’s make new jersey a proud state again. Vote bob hugin!!

  2. Shame on Any women that votes for creepy corrupt menendez how can you look in the mirror every day knowing you voted for bob menendez. The devils favorite demon period. VOTE BOB HUGIN Nov.6

  3. Oh the irony of someone who says women should stand up when she gives trump a pass for his transgressions and supported Kavanaugh.

  4. Just to clear, I was streaming Facebook live when Bob Hugin got in my face and my baby was laying on my shoulder. I didn’t bring this story to the media. They picked up from my Facebook. For the sake of my own integrity, I told the truth because it isn’t my job to cover up for Bob Hugin. His team wrote me emails AFTER Bob’s apology for treating me the way he did, his team’s emails were simply salt in the wound and asking me to cover up the story with fake quotes that they drafted to protect Bob’s character in the media. How about my integrity? People SAW what happened. Owning our own actions is what I teach my 3 children every day. As a wife, mom, role model to my children, I would never cover up for anyone let alone a man who can mistreat a woman with children. I do believe Bob was triggered by my children passing out their Dad’s literature likely because Bob was seperating himself from our President, and Daryl has been a well known loyal advocate for the great things our President has been doing for this county. Why else would Bob have an issue with 2 little girls passing out their Dad’s literature to supporters that we KNOW and that and that came to the rally because of us asking them to be there. Remember, this was a room filled with people who know Daryl in his hometown county and many of them seeing Bob for the first time. I guess they say first impressions are everything which is why 10-15 people LEFT after witnessing what happened to me. I am writing this after numerous attacks from people thinking that I brought this story to the media. That is very INCORRECT. Bob brought it on himself. Own your actions and always be responsible for yourself.

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