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Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-New Jersey)

Watson Coleman intends to pursue case against McCormick

Congresswoman not letting shadowy campaign tactics slide in victory’s wake

By Nikita Biryukov, July 08 2020 1:18 pm

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman intends to pursue a case against perennial candidate Lisa McCormick over shadowy impersonation tactics employed by the losing challenger’s campaign.

“We are grateful to have won the Primary Election, especially by such a large margin, but we do not intend to walk away from holding our opponent accountable,” Watson Coleman campaign spokesman Sean Darcy said. “The Bonniewatsoncoleman.net domain is dangerous and misleading to voters and the prosecution of this fraud is less about us personally and more an attempt to preserve democracy.”

During the primary, McCormick allegedly sent emails using the congresswoman’s campaign letter head in an attempt to trick voters into believing that Watson Coleman, one of the most progressive member of the state’s House delegation, backed President Donald Trump.

The congresswoman asked authorities to investigate the fake emails after one trafficked anti-Semitic tropes in an attempt to smear the congresswoman.

On Sunday, an attorney for Watson Coleman’s campaign told McCormick and her life partner and campaign consultant, Jim Devine, to preserve documents related to her campaign, a move that typically precedes legal action.

“We have certainly received enough feedback from people outside our campaign who have been similarly impacted and we believe our objections to this type of campaigning should be reviewed to discourage future attempts at fraud by these or other equally nefarious characters,” Darcy said.

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