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Union Democrats postpone vote

Snow shifts candidate selection to Sunday

By David Wildstein, March 07 2018 2:57 pm

Union County Democrats have postponed tonight’s vote due to weather. They will instead meet on Sunday to award the organization line in the 7th congressional district and to three freeholder candidates.

The race to watch is the one for the chance to run against Rep. Leonard Lance, where Tom Malinowski and Linda Weber have been battling in what has become a two-candidate race for the Union County organization line.  The stakes are high for Weber, who has pledged to drop out of the race if she doesn’t have the organization lines in areas that add up to half the Democratic primary vote. Weber has Somerset and Essex, and Malinowski has Hunterdon, Warren and Morris.  Malinowski can survive a loss this week, but Weber can’t.

Scutari, elected last month after Jerry Green resigned, is asking municipal chairs to drop Freeholder Mohamed Jalloh and endorse former Roselle Councilwoman Andrea Staten and Kim Palmieri-Mouded of Westfield for the seats currently held by Jalloh and retiring Freeholder Bruce Bergen.

There is no opposition to the re-election of Freeholder Alex Mirabella.

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One thought on “Union Democrats postpone vote

  1. No wonder then that Linda Weber decided to go negative—way negative–with a Republican-style dirty tricks move in the form of a Facebook ad falsifying a news story about Malinowski. I can’t fathom why any of these Union County folks think that Weber can beat Leonard Lance. She comes across in candidate forums as angry, humorless, and underprepared. Why on earth would any Democrat in the 7th not embrace Malinowski, the candidate with 30 years of top-level government experience and a winning style on the campaign trail? e

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