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Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-Dennis), left, with President Donald Trump

Trump rally set for January 28 with Van Drew

By David Wildstein, January 06 2020 6:09 pm

President Donald Trump will hold a rally with Rep. Jeff Van Drew in Wildwood on January 28.

The Keep America Great Again rally is set for 7 PM at the Wildwoods Convention Center.

Van Drew, a freshman congressman from the 2nd district, switched parties last month after opposing Trump’s impeachments.

“President Trump has delivered for New Jersey creating 129,400 new jobs, including 9,600 new manufacturing jobs and 10,200 new construction jobs,” said Michael Glassner, the Trump campaign’s chief operating officer.  “President Trump looks forward to returning to the Garden State to celebrate his message of ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept.'”

Two Democratic county chairmen, Michael Suleiman of Atlantic and Brendan Sciarra of Cape May, said that they expect Democrats to hold their own rally.

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One thought on “Trump rally set for January 28 with Van Drew

  1. Wildwood is a slum. Why not hold a rally in Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, or Moorestown? He wouldn’t dare! After the lying, the cheating, the stealing, and the continuous violations of the rule of law, literally defiling our U.S. Constitution, and the extra-judicial killing of Iran’s second most powerful official, he wouldn’t dare hold a rally in the more affluent areas of New Jersey. Why doesn’t Trump hold a rally in Atlantic City? Thanks to Trump, there’s plenty of empty space in which to hold a rally in Atlantic City. Trump did, in fact, violate the Impound Control Act. That is, he definitively broke the law. What he did was very much illegal. Targeted killing was solely designed to kill non-state actors, i.e., terrorists, from terrorists organizations like Al-Qaeda. And then, Trump has the audacity to threaten to destroy Iran’s historical cultural sites, which is very much illegal and against both U.S. and international laws to protect and preserve culture, art, and antiquities. Thanks to Trump’s bravado, bullying, erratic and impulsive behavior, we now have blowback. We’re not any safer. In fact, we’re less safe. Killing Suleiman is tantamount to the Iraqis targeting the former Vice President Dick Cheney for killing hundreds-of-thousands of Iraqi civilians. No one is denying that Suleimani was responsible for killing hundreds of American soldiers during wartime. What Trump’s defenders fail to mention is the very fact that Trump also killed a high-ranking Iraqi government official along with this official’s Iraqi personnel on Iraqi soil, thereby abrogating the agreement between the U.S. and Iraq, which allowed American troops to return to Iraq in 2014 to fight ISIS. Now, thanks to Trump, both the Americans and the Europeans are forced to disengage and retreat in their fight against ISIS. ISIS can now regroup and rebuild themselves to reconquer vast swaths of territory in the Middle Eastern region. Trump betrayed one of America’s vital allies in the region: the Kurds. He allowed President Erdogan of Turkey to kill hundreds of Kurds and to displace hundreds-of-thousands more. Without the Kurds, the Americans would not have been able to defeat ISIS. The Kurds did all of the fighting on the ground. Trump’s tariff wars are a failure. China didn’t back down and is now rejoicing in forcing Trump to make egregious concessions. He has placed tariffs on allies like Canada. Trump has done everything to disenfranchise our allies from conducting business with Americans. Because of Trump’s tax policies, more companies are moving overseas. He gave tax cuts to specific sectors of the economy, while raising the taxes of companies in other sectors of the economy, thereby forcing further companies to relocate their operations overseas. He allowed Michael Milken to write policy into his infamous tax plan, thereby creating “Opportunity Zones” for super-wealthy real estate moguls — free money for the wealthy! What about North Korea? That’s an absolute joke! Before the Iranian-Iraqi fiasco, he had already lied to the American people 15,000 times. One would really have to be dead-from-the-neck-up to support and defend Trump or one has to be totally devoid of all sense of ethics, morality, and decency. It is actually quite easy to sit for a full 24 hours to list everything Trump has done to weaken and defile this country. It makes sense that Trump would hold a rally in Wildwood, since it is at the very edge of South Jersey, where most decent people do not venture. Egg Harbor is another stronghold for the Tea Party and the neo-Nazis. Trump wants to impose a 100% tariff on imported wines and beers. What will the local rednecks do? Mainstream Americans are just waiting for the price of oil to rise exponentially, thanks to Trump’s faux-pas in the Middle East. How’s those oil fields in Syria doing that Trump has personally claimed as his oil fields? This Trump-created Middle Eastern quagmire began to unfold, when he not only pulled out of the international nuclear agreement with Iran, involving France, Germany, the UK, Russia, and China, but he imposed the optimum draconian sanctions against Iran in an attempt to bully them into negotiations to humiliate, coerce, and intimidate the Iranian government and its people. The average Iranian citizen is suffering horrifically as a direct consequence of Trump’s impulsive and compulsive behavior. Before the targeted killing, the Iranian people were demonstrating and protesting their government leaders. The religious leaders were barely holding onto their power, imposing extremely repressive measures against their people and killing hundreds of their people in the process. Thanks to Trump, the Iranian people are now united against a common enemy: the United States. What a headache!

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