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Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Pezzullo

Super PAC launches two new anti-Hugin ads

Digital ads feature New Jerseyans

By David Wildstein, August 14 2018 12:31 pm

Patients for Affordable Drug Action, a super PAC that is spending $1.5 million in opposition to Bob Hugin’s campaign for the United States Senate, today releases digital ads featuring the stories of two New Jerseyans who criticize the former Celgene CEO for raising the price of cancer drugs.

“Bob Hugin doesn’t have an understanding of me, the average guy,” said Bob Keller of Parsippany. “Bob Hugin is not a good choice for New Jersey.”

Gulay Turan of East Rutherford, whose mother has multiple myeloma, an incurable drug cancer, says that Hugin made $100 million while her mother suffered.


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  1. Menendez is and has always been a very fine upstanding intelligent, kind, and forgiving person. He is very pro Israel and always wants to help his honest friends in need! I remember Mr Menedez when it wasn’t easy and helped settle many problems….. I taught in Plainfield, N J and do remember bad times with “the riots”!

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