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Hirsh Singh. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe)

Singh files DOJ complaint against Grewal

GOP Senate candidate claims attorney general’s cease-and-desist letter an intimidation tactic

By Nikita Biryukov, July 03 2020 4:29 pm

Republican Senate candidate Hirsh Singh filed a complaint with the Department of Justice Friday claiming a letter telling Singh to stop sending a mailer asking voters to cast multiple ballots sent by state Attorney General Gurbir Grewal was unconstitutional.

Singh charges Grewal sought to intimidate him and breached free speech protections provided under the first amendment.

“This threatening letter was clearly an act of intimidation and in violation of my rights under the Free Speech and Free Association clauses of the First Amendment of the United states Constitution. The letter also demanded that I turn over the identity of every person who had been informed by me that they could seek a duplicate ballot,” Singh said in the complaint. “Such a demand is intended to be part of an unreasonable search and seizure that is clearly in violation of the Fourth Amendment.”

The candidate’s mailer asked voters who already cast ballots for rival candidate Rik Mehta to request and send in a duplicate ballot.

“If you have been hoodwinked into voting for Rik Mehta, it is your patriotic duty to contact your county clerk and request a duplicate ballot to vote for the only Conservative Hirsh Singh,” it says. “Your duplicate ballot will replace your earlier ballot.”

The Statewide Voter Registration System has safeguards in place to prevent duplicate ballots from being counted, election officials told the New Jersey Globe, adding that voting twice wouldn’t necessarily disenfranchise a voter.

Grewal’s letter also warned that the mailer was in violation of state and federal election laws, which bar advising voters to cast multiple ballots.

“This is a fight for Constitutional values,” Singh said. “They aren’t just coming after me. They are coming after the American Constitution and the American people. I will never allow this.”

Singh’s complaint further claimed that New Jersey Secretary of State Tahesha Way intentionally sunk a challenge to Mehta’s nominating petitions by failing to provide his campaign with all of the signatures gathered by Mehta.

“There is collusion between the ‘Never Trumper’ Republicans, the Democrats and the establishment. They do not want an independent-minded conservative like me to win this primary because I can defeat Cory Booker in the general election and threaten their power structure,” Singh said. “Remember that despite claiming to be Republicans, my opponents are the same people who helped Cory Booker win the election in 2013 and it is no surprise that they are working with Democrats against me.”

In April, a judge dismissed a challenge to Mehta’s petitions filed by Morris County Republican Strategist King Penna. That challenge claimed some of the signatures gathered by Mehta’s campaign belonged to members of the Democratic and Green Parties.

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