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Essex County Republican Chairman Al Barlas.

Seven more GOP chairs call for Singh to drop Senate bid

Singh says ploy is distraction, calls Mehta a ‘Democrat plant’

By Nikita Biryukov, June 29 2020 10:39 am

Seven Republican County chairs called for Hirsh Singh to drop his Senate bid over a mailer asking voters who cast ballots backing primary rival Rik Mehta to request a second chance to vote by mail.

“Given the fact that for two days after multiple county chairs called on Hirsh Singh to ‘immediately cease all attempts at confusing voters’ his mailer continued to land in mailboxes,” the seven said in a joint statement. “Since Singh and his supporters continue to defend the misleading mailer on social media, it is obvious he has no intention of stopping his reckless behavior. It is our duty, as elected Republican party leaders, to put a stop to that reckless behavior.”

Singh accused the county chairs of an orchestrating a ploy to distract GOP primary voters a week before the primary election.

“This is a ploy to distract from the fact that Rikin Mehta is a Democrat plant who will stop the Republican Resurgence in New Jersey. We are winning,” Singh said.   “It’s an unsuccessful orchestrated attempt to stop our momentum.”

Camden County Chairman Rich Ambrosino, Essex County Chairman Al Barlas, Middlesex County Chairwoman Lucille Panos, Union County Chairman Glenn Mortimer, Gloucester County Chairwoman Jacci Vigilante, Hunterdon County Chairman Pat Torpey and Burlington County Chairman Sean Earlen are now want Singh to end his bid.

Salem County Republican Chairwoman Linda DuBois called on Singh to resign on Friday.

“Unfortunately, because encouraging voter fraud is an inexcusable offense by any candidate and Hirsh Singh continues to defend his reckless behavior, he has forced us to make a difficult decision. We join Salem County Chairwoman Linda DuBois in calling on Singh to immediately suspend his campaign. We are hopeful other chairs will join us.”

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