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Salem County Republican Chair Linda DuBois.

DuBois calls on Singh to drop Senate bid

Salem GOP chairwoman joins fellows in condemning candidate over mailer that asked voters to cast two ballots

By Nikita Biryukov, June 26 2020 5:54 pm

Salem County Republican Chairwoman Linda DuBois called for Hirsh Singh to end his Senate bid after the candidate sent a mailer asking voters who cast ballots in support of primary rival Rik Mehta to request another ballot and vote again.

“The behavior of Hirsh Singh and many of his supporters has been disgraceful throughout this campaign,” DuBois said. “While Chairmen Ambrosino, Barlas and Earlen were right to condemn Singh’s attempt to confuse voters and Chairwoman Vigilante was right to call on Singh to apologize I don’t think condemnation and an apology go far enough. Because Singh’s recent campaign mailer is simply the icing on the cake of his and his supporters horrendous behavior I believe Hirsh Singh should immediately suspend his campaign and ask his supporters to vote for Rik Mehta.”

Singh’s mailer asked voters who had been “hoodwinked into voting for Rik Mehta” to request and send in a duplicate ballot.

Voting twice is a third-degree felony in New Jersey and is a violation of federal law, as is advising voters to do so.

Attorney General Gurbir Grewal on Thursday told Singh that his mailer violated state and federal election law and ordered him to immediately stop sending it out.

There’s little chance that a voter who casts two ballots would have both counted. The Statewide Voter Registration System has failsafes in place for such scenario that would prevent election officials from processing the second ballot.

Four other Republican county chairs ⁠— Jacci Vigilante, of Gloucester, Rich Ambrosino, of Camden, Al Barlas, of Essex, and Sean Earlen, of Burlington ⁠— have condemned Singh over the mailer, but DuBois is the first to call for the candidate to withdraw from the race.

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