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Democratic State Committeeman William Robinson

Report: Robinson resigns from State Committee

Congressional candidate called his behavior ‘disturbing’

By David Wildstein, December 11 2019 8:58 am

Bill Robinson has resigned as the Democratic State Committeeman from Monmouth County after former congressional candidate Tiffany Kaszuba criticized party leaders for not informing her that Robinson pleaded guilty to stalking several women nearly 25 years ago.

The resignation was reported by More Monmouth Musings, a political news website.

Monmouth County Democratic Chairman David Brown called for the resignation late last week.

Robinson was supporting LeRoy Jones for Democratic State Chairman against incumbent John Currie.  A New Jersey Globe tally has Robinson as a Jones supporter.

Monmouth Democrats will need to fill the vacancy before the state chairman election in January.

It’s not immediately clear whether Brown can appoint a replacement or if a vote of the full county committee is required.

A vote for a vacant seat potentially sets up a long-shot opportunity for Currie to pick up a vote in Monmouth County by winning a majority of county committee votes.

In October, Robinson resigned from the Monmouth Democratic executive board in order to support Kaszuba, who left her Washington lobbying job to return to New Jersey in a bid to challenge Rep. Christopher Smith (R-Hamilton).

Kaszuba said that Robinson’s behavior “had become increasingly disturbing, calling excessively, sending multiple text messages, contacting others about my whereabouts, and becoming irate at me for talking to others without him.”

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