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Rep. Andy Kim. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe)

Philadelphia Inquirer, Newark Star-Ledger endorse Kim

Inky says T-Mac ‘lost his way in Washington’

By David Wildstein, October 23 2018 2:33 pm

Democratic congressional candidate Andy Kim has been endorsed by the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Star-Ledger in his bid to unseat two-term Republican Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-Toms River) in New Jersey’s 3rd district.

The Inquirer, which is widely read in the Burlington County portion of the district, endorsed MacArthur in 2014 and 2016, saying that he had “walked a moderate path” and advocated for gun safety and humane immigration policies.

“But MacArthur lost his way in Washington,” the Inquirer editorial board wrote. “He helped move a bill repealing the Affordable Care Act, which was fortunately killed in the Senate. And, he was the only congressman from the state to support President Trump’s lopsided tax plan, which helped the wealthy at the expense of government services.”

The editorial board praised Kim, a former Obama White House staffer, for his foreign policy experience.

“As a member of Congress, he promises that he won’t accept corporate political donations and promises daily disclosure of all meetings and votes. He would require health insurers to cover preexisting conditions and prohibit them from charging older people extra,” the editorial said. “He is pro-choice, pro-environment, and wants to give tax credits to businesses for hiring workers at decent salaries. In short, he would be a reliable Democratic vote. He should also serve Republican interests in the district.”

Despite being the state’s largest newspaper, the Star-Ledger is not a huge presence in the 3rd district, although they do have a small footprint in Ocean County.

Their endorsement of Kim is no surprise.  Editorial page editor Tom Moran started out with a political man-crush on MacArthur but has turned into a rabid critic of the two-term GOP congressman.

Today, the newspaper called MacArthur an extremist in a stinging attack on his time in Congress.

“This is an easy call. MacArthur is no friend of New Jersey. He has eagerly made himself into a loyal servant of President Trump, even when that costs the state dearly,” the editorial board said.

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