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Pallotta launches 8 coalitions to boost candidacy

Republican challenging Gottheimer in general

By Nikita Biryukov, August 04 2020 12:08 pm

Republican House candidate Frank Pallotta launched a series of coalitions to boost his bid to oust Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-Wyckoff) Tuesday.

“I am running for Congress to represent every voter in our District,” Pallotta said. “Launching these alliances will help our team connect with the growing number of communities that are eager to be heard.”

He launched eight coalitions in all, Women for Pallotta, Veterans for Pallotta, Law Enforcement Officers for Pallotta, Students for Pallotta, Italian Americans for Pallotta, Hispanos for Pallotta, Asian Americans for Pallotta and Indian Americans for Pallotta.

Hudson County Republican Chairman Jose Arango and former House candidate Hector Castillo will head Hispanos for Pallotta, while Sussex County Sheriff Mike Strada will lead the law enforcement officers’ coalition.

“I appreciate the commitment of these great leaders and am grateful that they have stepped up to the plate to assist in this extremely important endeavor,” the challenger said. “Pallotta for Congress has been, and will always be, an inclusive campaign with a focus on creating unity and understanding across the District.”

Passaic County GOP Vice Chairwoman Joanie Walsh, Robin Marotta McCann and Michelle Rendo are heading Women for Pallotta, while Nick DeGregorio and Joe LaBarbera are heading the candidate’s veterans’ coalition, and Corrado Belgiovine and Franklin Borough Councilman Concetto Formica are leading the Italian American coalition.

Old Tappan Councilman Jin Yhu will lead Asian Americans for Pallotta, and Ravi Sachdev will head Indian Americans for Pallotta. Gregory Brew and Monica Weglarz will lead Students for Pallotta.

“Our mission is to expand the reach of our great party and fulfill the purpose of the GOP: Growth, Opportunity, and Prosperity for all,” the candidate said.

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