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Angelo Lamberto.

NJ-3 campaign managers spar over debates on Twitter

By Nikita Biryukov, May 29 2020 5:33 pm

Republican campaign managers in the third congressional district had a spat on Twitter over which of their candidates was ducking a debate Friday.

“Here are the facts; Kate challenged David to virtual debates and he accepted. As soon as the planning started, the Richter campaign moved the goalposts,” Kate Gibbs’ campaign manager Angelo Lamberto said. “Kate won’t be pushed around or intimidated. If David wants to debate, our original offer still stands. The ball’s in his court.”

Earlier Friday, Gibbs herself charged that David Richter, the third congressional district’s other Republican candidate, was dodging a debate.

Richter campaign manager Tom Bonfonti claimed the opposite was true.

“Let me know when we moved the goal posts. Negotiations began over the format. You didn’t get your way, you ignored Matt this morning, and you walked away,” he said on Twitter. “This one is pretty clear. At what point did anyone from our campaign ever agree to Zoom debates? I’ll wait.”

The Twitter spat ended with a tweet from Richter’s own account.

“Hey Angelo, I hope you punched some holes in the box where you’re hiding Kate. I would hate for her to suffocate,” the candidate said in a since-deleted tweet.

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