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National Right-to-Life endorses Lonegan

By David Wildstein, May 09 2018 3:31 pm

Republican congressional candidate Steve Lonegan has been endorsed by National Right to Life, the country’s largest pro-life organization.

“I am proud to add the National Right to Life endorsement to that of New Jersey Right to Life,” said Lonegan.  “That’s in contrast with both my pro-abortion opponents, each of whom endorse Roe v. Wade and support the procedure up until the ninth month of pregnancy.”

Lonegan says that the endorsement solidifies his position as the lone candidate in New Jersey’s 5th district “fully committed to defending the lives of unborn children.”

“When I am in Congress, I will be unwavering in my support of defending children in the womb and I will do everything to prevent taxpayer funds being used to subsidize abortions, including cutting off funding to groups like Planned Parenthood.”

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