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Tanzie Youngblood

Money sparse for for Youngblood, GOP candidates

Van Drew war chest full

By Nikita Biryukov, May 25 2018 3:08 pm

Money seems to have dried up for Tanzie Youngblood.

The retired teacher brought in just $9,352.88 between April 1 and May 16, a far cry from State Senator Jeff Van Drew’s $128,609.95 raised.

In fact, the $12,500 Van Drew received from political committees exceeds Youngblood’s fundraising for the period, but the same can’t be said of all of Van Drew’s primary opponents.

Will Cunningham brought in $15,983 over the period, and while farmer Nathan Kleinman has not filed any period reports – indicating that he may not have raised or spent $5,000 during current or prior reporting periods – he did file a 48-hour notice showing a $90,000 personal loan on May 23.

That would make him the Democrat with the most cash on hand, next to Van Drew, who had $412,155.81 in his war chest at the end of the reporting period. Cunningham had $30,671.86 in his campaign coffers, while Youngblood had just $3,133.47.

Money was tighter on the Republican side. Revelations that one-time Republican frontrunner Hirsh Singh had little personal wealth to contribute to his campaign haven’t helped his ability to fundraise. Still, he managed to bring in $17,256.24, enough to keep him out of last place in the district’s fundraising race.

Sam Fiocchi led the Republican field in terms of cash raised, with $57,640.57, but $50,000 of that amount came from a loan the candidate gave his own campaign.

Seth Grossman, who pulled in $10,733.82 over the previous reporting period has not filed a pre-primary disclosure.

Either way, Fiocchi, Grossman and Singh still lead former FBI agent Robert Turkavage, who, like Kleinman, hasn’t raised or spent enough to file a pre-primary report. But unlike Kleinman, Turkavage hasn’t given his campaign a hefty loan of his personal money.

Editor’s Note: This article incorrectly referred to Grossman’s April Quarterly disclosure as his pre-primary disclosure. He has yet to file the latter.

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