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Rep. Leonard Lance (R-Clinton)

Lance says Malinowski ‘hand-picked’ by Pelosi

Dem House candidate has received $14k from Pelosi and her PAC

By David Wildstein, June 21 2018 1:04 pm

Republican Rep. Leonard Lance is using today’s announcement that Democratic House candidate Jeff Van Drew won’t back Nancy Pelosi for a leadership post to contrast his opponent’s refusal to say he would oppose Pelosi for Minority Leader or Speaker.

Tom Malinowski, who is challenging Lance in the fall, said just before the primary election that he would not decide on his support for Pelosi until after the general election.

“Tom Malinowski was hand-picked by Nancy Pelosi to run for Congress. Pelosi convinced the nearly 30-year resident of Washington, DC and former lobbyist to come to New Jersey where Malinowski quickly rented an apartment and bullied his way through the primary,” said Jim Hilk, Lance’s campaign manager. “The reality is both Nancy and Tom are D.C. liberals who live in DC houses, breathe DC air and pay DC property taxes.”

The Lance campaign pointed to more $14,000 in campaign contributions Malinowski has received from Pelosi and her leadership PAC.

The Malinowski campaign did not immediately return a 12:54 PM call seeking comment.  This story will be updated if they respond.

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2 thoughts on “Lance says Malinowski ‘hand-picked’ by Pelosi

  1. But didn’t Lance back Paul Ryan, who screwed over New Jersey by eliminated our state and local tax deduction? Why is that better?

  2. Missed this when it was first published, but I can say with some confidence, since I was present at the virtual start of Tom’s exploration of a run for elected office, that Nancy Pelosi’s name did not come up once. Not that it will matter to Lance.

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