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Tom Kean Jr. in his new TV spot, "More." (Photo: Kean for Congress via YouTube).

Kean’s 1st general election TV ad focuses on inflation

Former N.J. senator blames rising grocery prices on Malinowski’s ‘wasteful spending’

By Joey Fox, August 17 2022 1:46 pm

Republican Tom Kean, Jr., facing a rematch with Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-Ringoes) in New Jersey’s 7th congressional district, focuses on inflation and the rising cost of living in his first general election TV ad.

The ad, “More,” depicts Kean walking through a grocery store and listing the price increases of standard items, blaming inflated prices on the policies of Malinowski and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Script: (Kean) “Everywhere I go in New Jersey; families are paying more. More for bread, more for milk, more for everything. Because instead of heeding economists’ warnings, Tom Malinowski followed Nancy Pelosi and backed billions in wasteful spending. I’m Tom Kean Jr. I’m running for Congress to work across the aisle, to get prices down, and to stop reckless spending. I’m Tom Kean Jr. I approve this message because you deserve to keep more of your money.”

“This ad marks the beginning of our campaign to bring big change to Congress,” Dan Scharfenberger, Kean’s campaign manager, said in a statement accompanying the ad. “Let’s be clear, while families were suffering, Tom Malinowski was violating ethics rules to pad his own pockets and voting for billions and billions of new spending pushed by Nancy Pelosi that has helped fuel inflation.”

Kean had previously released one ad during his bid for the Republican nomination, where the former minority leader of the New Jersey State Senate was called a “pro-cop, pro-border security, inflation-fighting conservative leader.” That ad came when Kean was still battling a pack of more conservative opponents for the nomination; now, with the primary safely behind him, Kean’s messaging appears to have shifted for the general election.

Malinowski also released his first two TV ads of the cycle this week, one that focuses exclusively on abortion and another that more generally applauds the two-term congressman for standing up to bullies.

Malinowski and Kean previously faced each other in 2020, a race Malinowski eked out by around one percentage point. Given that the 7th district has since been redrawn to be more Republican, Malinowski is considered an underdog in this year’s contest.

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