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Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

In presidential race, Harrison was with Booker, Kennedy with Biden

Booker unopposed at Atlantic convention after Hamm did not file

By David Wildstein, March 07 2020 3:22 pm

Cory Booker’s decision to endorse Brigid Callahan Harrison for Congress in the hotly-contested 2nd district Democratic primary could be the settling of some political IOUs from the presidential race.

Harrison contributed $1,000 to Booker’s White House bid last December.

Amy Kennedy, who is mounting a strong bid to win the Atlantic County Democratic organization line at their convention on Sunday, contributed $2,800 to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in April 2019.  So did her husband, former Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy (D-Rhode Island).

Booker is not attending the Atlantic convention, which is expected to endorse his bid for re-election to the U.S. Senate.

His primary opponent, former Newark school board member Lawrence Hamm, did not file a letter of intent with the county Democratic organization to be on the convention ballot.  That leaves Booker unopposed for the organization line.

Hamm, who is chairman of Bernie Sanders’ New Jersey presidential campaign, will not be permitted to address the convention as a Senate candidate even if he does show up, party officials said.

Biden and Sanders will also face off at the Atlantic convention tomorrow in a non-binding preference vote.

No surrogates for presidential candidates are speaking at the convention.

Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman has not yet decided if Atlantic will make a formal endorsement in the presidential race or hold an open primary, the Globe has learned.  Local party rules give the county chairman discretion to make that call.

If Kennedy wins the convention, she could wind up running on the Atlantic Democratic line with Booker.

Should the open primary proposal fall apart, Kennedy could also choose to bracket in some counties with Sanders, even though she is a Biden supporter.

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