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An ad from 3rd district Republican nominee Bob Healey slams Rep. Andy Kim on crime. (Photo: Bob Healey via YouTube).

Healey ad says Kim isn’t keeping communities safe

Ad features testimony from Jessica Goralski, whose Moorestown home was invaded last month

By Joey Fox, October 17 2022 12:27 pm

A new ad from 3rd congressional district Republican nominee Bob Healey takes Rep. Andy Kim (D-Moorestown) to task for New Jersey’s crime rates, accusing the congressman of standing against law enforcement and failing to protect communities in his district.

The ad features a testimonial from Jessica Goralski, whose home in Moorestown was invaded last month by an intruder while she and her family were asleep.

Script: (Goralski): “A criminal broke into our house and he remains on the loose.” (Newscaster): “Here is the man that police say broke into a Burlington County home while the family was still inside.” (Goralski): “With Andy Kim as my congressman, I feel like it will happen again. Andy Kim’s policies encourage crime. I do not think he supports the police. Andy Kim is not making this town safe at all. Bob Healey is definitely going to keep us safe.” (Healey): “Unlike Andy Kim, the safety of our communities will be a top priority for me in Congress.” 

“Considering Andy Kim’s troubling affiliations with multiple far-left resistance groups, it’s no surprise that our representative remains utterly silent on the issue of crime,” Healey said in a statement accompanying the ad. “His lack of concern for public safety is part of a pattern of indifference which is why my campaign is releasing this ad to highlight his disappointing record.”

The ad is Healey’s fourth of the campaign; previous spots focused on high living costs and Democratic leadership in Washington. He’s also been the beneficiary of heavy spending from Garden State Advance, a super PAC funded almost entirely by his mother.

But outside groups have yet to focus their attention or money on the 3rd district, a sign that the two national parties don’t yet see the district as a top-tier race. Kim twice won a previous version of the 3rd district that was significantly more Republican – the district has since been redrawn to have supported Joe Biden by 14 points – and his huge $3 million warchest should help him maintain the advantage against Healey.

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