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Bob Healey in a TV ad for his campaign to unseat Rep. Andy Kim in New Jersey's 3rd district. (Photo: Healey for Congress/YouTube).

Healey begins airing two new cable ads linking Kim to Biden

By David Wildstein, August 05 2022 2:17 pm

Republican congressional candidate Bob Healey launched two new TV ads on Friday seeking to  link two-term Rep. Andy Kim (D-Moorestown) to voter frustration over inflation and President Joe Biden.

Healey will spend six figures to put both 30-second ads on cable television and digital.

In “Broken,”  Healey is shown on his couch watching Kim being interviewed on MSNBC.  He then speaks directly to camera, blaming Kim, Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for breaking the nation’s economy.

Script: “(Kim) People in my district…they think government is broken.  it’s not working for them… they are right.  (Healey) Who’s he kidding?  Just like Joe Biden, Andy Kim spent his entire adult life in D.C.  He votes with Biden and Pelosi one hundred percent of the time.  One hundred percent.  They broke the economy.  Prices are up on everything from gas to groceries – creating this mess.  I’m Bob Healey, and I’m running to clean it up.  It’s the change we need.  I’m Bob Healey, and I approve this message.”

The second ad, “Misguided,” shows Healey speaking in his kitchen, along with his wife and young daughter, unpacking a canvas shopping bag – emblazoned with his campaign logo – bemoaning the cost of eggs and the shortage of baby formula.  He then pivots to a contrast with Kim.

Script: (Healey) Everyday, we feel the impact of Joe Biden and Andy Kim’s misguided policies. Gasoline’s up forty percent . Eggs up thirty three percent Baby formula – not availableWe need a change. I’m Bob Healey.  As a business owner, I created hundreds of local jobs, raised wages, and improved healthcare.  Andy Kim voted for Biden’s spending that caused the problem  I’m running to fix it.  I’m Bob Healey and I approve this message.”

“Our campaign is excited to launch our first two ads today, introducing more voters to Bob Healey and his background as a business owner, philanthropist, and problem-solver, while re-introducing them to the ‘real’ Andy Kim – a hyper-partisan politician who votes with Joe Biden’s failed, inflationary agenda 100% of the time,” said Healey’s campaign manager, Theresa Furmato Velardi. “The contrast is clear, and voters fed up with the direction of our country will have a clear choice in November.”

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