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GOP congressional candidate Robert Shapiro. (Photo: Robert Shapiro).

GOP House candidate told he can use ‘Let’s Go Brand*n’ as his slogan if he drops ‘FJB’

Robert Shapiro says FJB are ‘just letters of the alphabet’

By David Wildstein, April 07 2022 1:26 pm

Update: Robert Shapiro will be on the ballot under the slogan “Let’s Go Brand*n.” 

The New Jersey Division of Elections says it will allow Republican congressional candidate Robert Shapiro to use the slogan “Let’s Go Brand*n” on the June primary ballot, as long as he removes the portion that says “FJB.”

Shapiro, a South Jersey attorney challenging Rep. Christopher Smith (R-Manchester) in the 4th district, told election officials that “FJB” were “just letters of the alphabet,” rather than an acronym for “Fuck Joe Biden.”

“We disagree with your assertion,” said Robert Giles, the director of the Division of Elections, in a letter to Shapiro.  “Those letters in that combination refer to the name of a person, which is prohibited.”

Shapiro has until 4 PM today to submit a replacement slogan.

“If you would like to amend your slogan to ‘Let’s Go Brand*n,’ removing ‘FJB,’ that slogan will not be rejected,” Giles said.

It’s not immediately clear if Shapiro will challenge Giles’ decision and take the issue directly to an administrative law judge.  Shapiro has not responded to an email sent late Wednesday evening seeking comment.

Reuven Hendler, a Democrat who is challenging Rep. Andy Kim (D-Moorestown) in the adjacent 3rd district, said his campaign will challenge Shapiro’s petitions.

“Profanity directed at the President of the United States is crass and disrespectful to the office and is unfit to be placed on a ballot,” Hendler told the New Jersey Globe.  “We found at least 70 invalid signatures, therefore we are confident that it will not make it on the ballot.”

Shapiro filed with 203 signatures, just three more than the statutory requirement.”

This is Shapiro’s 11th bid for public office.

He lost races for Camden County Sheriff and Congress in 2012 as an independent, a GOP primary for State Senate in 2013, and House races in 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020.  He was the Republican candidate for State Senate in 2017, receiving 31% of the vote against State Sen. Jim Beach (D-Voorhees), and an independent candidate for Burlington County sheriff in 2019.

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