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Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tricia Flanagan

Flanagan takes a shot at Meissner

By David Wildstein, August 23 2019 11:38 pm

Tricia Flanagan still thinks she has a clear shot at the GOP nod to challenge Cory Booker next year, saying she’s still the only Republican in the race.

Flanagan welcomed the latest entry into the U.S. Senate race, Stuart Meissner, by criticizing him for tweeting his congratulations to a progressive organization candidate who won a Democratic primary for Queens (New York) District Attorney.

“It looks like you can take the man out of the Democrat party, but you can’t take the Democrat out of the man,” Flanagan said about Meissner, a Tenafly lawyer who joined the Republican Party in 2016 after becoming smitten with Donald Trump.

Flanagan also took a shot at the other announced candidate in the race, Hirsh Singh.

“Hirsh Singh comes with his own Democrat-lite credentials going back to June 4, 2009 when he declared his love for Barack Obama in a tweet, ‘Obama’s Cairo Speech was simply beautiful…simply beautiful,’” said Flanagan.

“Their own actions show both, Meissner and Singh, are Democrat-lite candidates,” Flanagan said.  “I’m proud to be the only pro-Trump candidate working to build a MAGA majority for our President in this race and look forward to carrying the Republican Party’s banner into the 2020 general election.”

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