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First DCCC NJ-3 ad hammers Richter on business record

30-second spot calls Republican candidate a ‘failed’ CEO

By Nikita Biryukov, September 22 2020 9:45 am

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee launched its first ad in the third congressional district Tuesday.

The 30-second spot attacks former Hill International CEO David Richter’s business record, calling him a failed CEO and slamming him over his compensation at the firm.

The ad features a narrator launching attack after attack over Richter’s record at Hill while blue-tinged photos of the Republican candidate flash on screen before finally asking why voters would trust Richter.

Script: The facts are public record. David Richter failed as a CEO. His company lost millions and was fined $500,000 for accounting fraud. Worse, while the company was losing millions, David Richter was taking millions in salary and perks – personal vehicles, household staff, even cash bonuses for his family. Until he resigned, in disgrace. His own company couldn’t trust David Richter. Why would we?

The ad will run on New York cable networks in the third district. It’s not how much money the DCCC put behind the buy.

Richter is running for Rep. Andy Kim’s (D-Marlton) third district House seat.

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