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Josh Duvall

Anti-Norcross Republican enters race for Congress

Josh Duvall wants to take on Donald Norcross in 2020

By David Wildstein, May 13 2019 3:57 pm

Saying that he wants to take on the Norcross machine, financial planner Josh Duvall will launch his bid to unseat Rep. Donald Norcross (D-Camden) on Saturday.

“Look at what’s transpired in Camden County under the watch of George, Phil and Donald Norcross. Massive tax breaks for the business and political friends of the Norcross machine have starved Camden of much needed revenue for investments in locally owned businesses, infrastructure and schools, Duvall said.  “Now they are resorting to dirty political tricks to tamp down dissenters within their own party who are fighting for real change for Camden’s residents. It’s politics at its worst – right here in South Jersey.

A Republican county committeeman in Cherry Hill and a cancer survivor, Duvall is making his first bid for public office.

“Democracy does not exist in South Jersey,” says Duvall. “This campaign isn’t about Democrats versus Republicans, or left versus right. This is about the good people of South Jersey, versus the Norcross political machine. This is about restoring a voice and a vote to people who have been silenced. Voters in Burlington, Gloucester and especially Camden County, are sick of the status quo.”

Duvall enters the race with the backing of his hometown GOP municipal chairman, Jeffrey Land.

“People are starting to see that this band of brothers from Pennsauken have become very rich controlling the wheels of government, and by extension our hard earned tax dollars,” said Land.  “Josh has the integrity and drive that this party needs to help lead us out of this dynasty. As a fellow Cherry Hill resident, I am gratified that Josh has committed to run for Congress. The Cherry Hill Republican Organization is united behind his candidacy.”

Democrats enjoy an overwhelming 233,747 to 85,737 voter registration edge over Republicans in New Jersey’s 1st district.  Norcross was re-elected by a 64%-33% margin in 2018.

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