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Jack Ciattarelli in a September 2021 TV ad. (Image: NJ Globe via YouTube).

New Ciattarelli ad calls out Murphy on taxes, spending and lines at motor vehicles

GOP candidate claims governor is lying about him

By David Wildstein, September 22 2021 5:06 pm

Republican Jack Ciattarelli will launch a new TV ad on Thursday calling out Gov. Phil Murphy for “lying” about him and proceeds to slam the Democratic incumbent on increased spending, high taxes and massive lines at state motor vehicle agencies.

The ad, “Failed,” features Ciattarelli directly to camera criticizing Murphy’s failures over the last four years.  He plays to what a Monmouth University poll showed to be his greatest strength: that more voters trust Ciattarelli on tax issues than Murphy, by a 39%-33% margin.

Script: “Have you seen the ads? Phil Murphy’s lying about me.  I would too if I had his record.  I’m Jack Ciattarelli.  Phil Murphy’s failed us at every turn.  He’s increased spending $11 billion.  Are you better off?  Murders and gun violence are way up.  The lines at motor vehicles are a joke.  And we have the highest property tax in the nation, yet Phil Murphy says ‘if taxes are your issue – we’re probably not your state. No wonder he wants to change the subject.  New Jersey, we can do better.  When I’m governor, we will.”

Ciattarelli’s allegation that Murphy is misleading voters is tied to a recent TV ad where the governor’s campaign lambastes Ciattarelli for attending a “Stop the Steal” rally in Bedminster after the 2020 election.  Ciattarelli maintains the rally was to elect Republicans in 2021 and didn’t see any banners or signs to indicate otherwise.  But the image used in Ciattarelli’s latest ad crops out the banner.

The ad doesn’t mention the issue that appears to be the source of Murphy’s popularity: Covid.

A new Monmouth Poll released earlier today shows Murphy with a 13-point lead, 51%-38%.  That’s a small improvement over an August Monmouth poll that put him 16 points ahead of Ciattarelli.

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