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New Jersey Republican State Chairman Bob Hugin addresses the kickoff of a GOP outreach to the South Asian communities in October 2022. (Photo: New Jersey Republican State Committee).

GOP launches bid to broaden appeal to South Asian community

By David Wildstein, October 24 2022 11:40 pm

Over 200 people attended an event organized by GOP State Chairman Bob Hugin last week aimed at enhancing Republican outreach in New Jersey’s growing South Asian community.  

“From a strong, pro-business work ethic to an emphasis on family values, the South Asian community has a natural home in the Republican Party here in New Jersey,” said Hugin.  “We are proud to be working diligently in our outreach to make sure our friends there know that we are the party that will best advance the economic and educational issues that are most important to them.”

Republican congressional candidates Bob Healey, Sue Kiley and Darius Mayfield attended the event, along with gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli and State Sen. Sam Thompson (R-Old Bridge).

Hugin wants South Asian New Jerseyans to become part of the Republican fold as the GOP seeks to expand their footprint in the New Jersey legislature next year and to regain the governorship in 2025.

All five South Asian members of the legislature are Democrats, but Republicans nominated the first South Asisan statewide candidate, Rik Mehta, for U.S. Senate in 2020.  The highest ranking South Asian Republican in New Jersey is Al Barlas, who co-chaired the legislative redistricting commission that drew a map that gives the GOP a path to majorities in both houses in 2023.  

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