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Gloucester GOP backs Ciattarelli

By David Wildstein, January 12 2021 3:08 pm

Gloucester County Republican Chair Jacci Vigilante is backing Jack Ciattarelli for Governor, saying he is the only viable candidate to defeat Phil Murphy in the general election.

“ “Jack was incredibly supportive of our candidates in 2020 and has spent the past year working hard to build the organization needed to win,” Vigilante said.  “Gloucester County Republicans are eager to support Jack who has what it takes to win!”

Vigilante expressed her thanks to Doug Steinhardt, the former Republican State Chairman who ended his gubernatorial bid on Monday.


“I am proud to stand with other Republican leaders, including Essex County Republican Chairman Al Barlas in saying, ‘It’s time for the party to get behind Jack Ciattarelli.’” Vigilante said. “Chairman Barlas is right, a long, drawn-out primary is not going to help us defeat Phil Murphy.”

In addition to Barlas, Passaic County GOP Chairman Peter Murphy has announced his endorsement of Ciattarelli. 

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