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Does N.J. really have a million more Democrats than Republicans?

By David Wildstein, November 02 2021 12:45 pm

New Jersey has 1,070,292 more Democrats than Republicans – maybe.

According to the New Jersey Division of Elections, which released current voter registration data on Monday, the state has 6,575,904 registered voters.

But of that total, 574,441 of them are inactive, reducing the total electorate of the state by 8.7%.

Democrats represent 199,932 (34.8%) of inactive voters, while 97,295 inactive voters (16.9%) are Republicans.  There are 271,596 unaffiliated voters (47.3%) inactive voters still on the rolls.

That means New Jersey really has 6,001,463 active voters for today’s general election.

While the full registration shows the state with 1,070,292 more Democrats than Republicans, with inactive voters pulled from the total, the actual Democratic registration edge is 967,655 — 2,376,810 to 1,409,155.

Registration numbers adjusted to take inactive voters into consideration potentially change the reporting of voter turnout percentages.

For example, the 732,625 votes cast through vote-by-mail ballots and early in-person voting represents  11% statewide turnout – or 12%, if you’re calculating off of the more legitimate number.

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