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Ridgewood native Scottie Scheffler. (Photo: IGF Golf).

The O’Toole Chronicles: For the Dreamers

By Kevin O'Toole, April 12 2022 12:01 am

I watched PGA golfer Scottie Scheffler being interviewed after winning the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play.  Scottie was overwhelmed as he was interviewed on national television. He was told with his latest win that he was now ranked Number One in the World on the PGA Tour. The modest winner from Ridgewood, New Jersey couldn’t believe he was Number One and said he will believe it when he reads it the next day. Scottie then became emotional and he couldn’t fathom being the best player in the World because he said “never got that far in his dreams”. Let’s hold on to that amazing statement.

Scottie said he loves golf and loves competing and was grateful for the opportunity. We don’t witness very often this humility and humbleness from our superstars. A few lessons out there for us.

First point

Why don’t we allow ourselves to dream that sky high dream? Our ancestors came to this country to allow just that – allowed their descendants to dream the impossible and to achieve more than anyone that came before them. Relative to politics, I dared to dream that I would someday serve in the New Jersey Assembly. I recall first walking on to the Assembly floor as a low paid staffer.
The room was like a shrine, and I couldn’t imagine even seeing my name on the voting board – but the unimaginable become reality and a few years later I lived my dream and was sworn in as the new Assemblyman from District 21. A few years later, I was sworn into the Senate and my highest dreams had been exceeded.

Second point

For those who have succeeded in politics, remember to be humble and grateful for the opportunity. Remember the love of the game and purity of the pursuit. That admonishment goes to all who have achieved much. To those dreamers who want to run for mayor, county commissioner, state legislator or governor – dare to dream it and focus on the goal to make it a reality. It sounds trite, but I’m proof positive of having a dream and making it happen. I was the unlikeliest of all to see it happen.

We didn’t come from money, educational opportunity, or a pedigree of elected office. We broke new ground in 1996 and I’ve been grateful ever since.

Thank you Scottie for the civic lesson of the day.

P.S. Congratulations to Scotty as he proudly dons the green jacket after winning The Masters!!


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