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Aaron Donald. (Photo: Casino Connection International).

The O’Toole Chronicles: Relentless

By Kevin O'Toole, March 22 2022 12:01 am

After the Rams won the Big Game, Aaron Donald (who should have been the Super Bowl MVP) had a terrific, yet simplistic, explanation of capturing the long elusive ring – “being relentless.”

That pretty much sums up how you can succeed at anything in life.

Those who have worked with me on past campaigns will attest that the first thing we school or imbed in the minds of the entire team – being relentless until victory is in hand. What does that mean?

1) Be relentless when gathering campaign support from rank and file – I recall knocking on doors in a snowstorm to get undecided county committee votes;

2) Be relentless when firing out press releases trumpeting endorsements;

3) Be relentless when dialing for dollars;

4) Be relentless when hiring the best staff and professionals;

5) Be relentless when holding press events and capturing timely and time sensitive moments;

6) Be relentless when performing opposition research;

7) Be relentless when asking the former opponents of your current opponent to join your campaign;

8) Be relentless and ask disenfranchised supporters of your opponent to join your campaign;

9) Be relentless in spending money and raining mail, social media, TV and radio on the campaign;

10) Be relentless defining your opponent before they have a chance to define themselves;

11) Be relentless when identifying key issues that your opponent isn’t proud of or can’t defend;

12) Be relentless and identify at least three reasons why you are running; and

13) Be relentless and have the entire team adopt the burn the boats mentality.

You follow these fairly straightforward recommendations and you will increase the possibility of winning.

Let the games begin.

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