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Bella Rasmussen. (Photo: Bella Rasmussen (Photo: Alan Gibby via Facebook).

The O’Toole Chronicles: Fear of Not Doing It

By Kevin O'Toole, February 28 2023 12:01 am

Meet Bella Rasmussen.

Bella recently received national acclaim for scoring two touchdowns as a senior on the Laguna (not to be confused with Senator Lagana) Beach California High School football team. She also recently signed a long-term deal with KeyWise AI, an artificial intelligence software company.

First things first, Bella is the first female EVER to score two touchdowns in a high school football game. Bella isn’t a football fluke or gimmick. Since Bella was a child, she played the sport and watched her older brother as he played on the Varsity team. Bella’s hard work paid off, and she made the Varsity team as a junior and senior. When asked if she feared the prospects of playing with all male players, she responded that she didn’t fear it at all. Rather, and here is the gem, Bella said she feared the prospect of not attempting to play the sport that she loved since a young child.


Most of us have a fear of something. Whether it be seeking a new job, asking for a raise, opening a new business, or running for office, and some of us are paralyzed by this fear. Why do we allow this unseen force to affect us? How can we overcome it?

Many wannabe politicians have this deep seeded fear about actually making the run. Fear of rejection, by party leaders or voters, is typically the number one reason would-be candidates never sign their own nominating petitions.

However, if you ask this sage High Schooler from California, the fear of not doing it is greater than the fear of doing it.

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