Ghee wins Passaic support for Congress

Totowa Republican Municipal Chairman Peter Murphy, who controls the endorsement of the Passaic County organization line, says he’s backing Antony Ghee for Rodney Frelinghuysen’s congressional seat “because his story is the All-American story of success. “ “As a proud husband, father and member of the US Army, Tony is a guy who came from nothing and through hard work and dedication made a better life for himself and his family.

The Life and Times of Paul DiGaetano

There was a time back about a generation ago when Paul DiGaetano was a bright, rising star in New Jersey Republican politics.  He he was one of the most powerful politicians in the state.  Some Republicans openly fawned over the idea of a young, blue-collar, Catholic, Italian-American Republican running for statewide office.  He was likeable, popular, and incredibly ambitious. Jump ahead thirty years, and sadly for him, the only thing

Where the GOP stands in the race to replace Rodney

The center of the political universe in New Jersey right now is the alliance between Al Barlas and Peter Murphy, two North Jersey Republicans who will likely determine who runs for the open 11th district of retiring Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen. Barlas is the Essex County Republican Chairman; Murph used be county chairman in Passaic but controls the GOP executive from his perch as Totowa municipal chairman. Barlas and Murphy have

Possible candidates for Frelinghuysen’s seat

It's not like people didn't see it coming -- Rodney Frelinghuysen is 71 and has ever faced a tough general election in 44 years of running for office.  So that fact that he has decided to retire after 24 years in Congress isn't shocking. Now Republicans need to scramble to find a successor in a district that has suddenly become more competitive and where the front runner for the Democratic

Currie won’t run for County Clerk

Democratic State Chairman John Currie will not run for Passaic County Clerk in 2018, according to several sources close to Currie and Passaic County Democrats. Republicans are looking at several candidates to replace Acting Clerk Walter Davison, 76, who moved into the post after Kristin Corrado was elected to the State Senate last year.  One potential candidate is Ronald Fava, a former assemblyman and Passaic County prosecutor. Currie, the longtime