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Rep. Tom Malinowski. Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

Representative Malinowski Statement Remembering the Victims of the September 11th Terror Attacks

By NJG Press Releases, September 11 2019 11:04 am

On this day 18 years ago nearly 3,000 people were taken from us in the September 11th terror attacks. In the 7th district of New Jersey, where so many commute into New York, many of us lost family, friends or neighbors.

These attacks showed us the worst side of humanity, but we continue to find hope in the bravery of those who responded to the crisis:  the police officers, firemen, and first responders who ran into the chaos and stayed for days and months afterwards to ensure our recovery, and our men and women in uniform who took the fight to the terrorists.

One of my proudest moments this Congress was co-sponsoring and ultimately voting for the permanent authorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. It should not have taken 15 years to get done, but this bill will ensure that those who risked everything have the care and support they deserve.

September 11th changed the world forever. Billions of dollars since then have rightly been spent to secure our nation from foreign terrorist threats, so that we never have to endure that sense of loss again.

Today the fight continues as we adapt to new threats from extremists both foreign and domestic. I am fighting every day in Congress to make sure our government agencies acknowledge these threats and are fully funded to fight back.

During our country’s darkest time, we came together as a nation. Let us never lose sight of what unites us.

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