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Stanley Okoro. (Photo: Minority Cannabis Academy).

Non-profit boosts Cannabis jobs for disenfranchised communities

By David Wildstein, February 27 2022 9:38 pm

Recognizing employment prospects for communities of color in New Jersey’s burgeoning Cannabis industry, entrepreneurs Brendon Robinson and Stanley Okoro have launched the non-profit Minority Cannabis Academy to help train workers.

“The Minority Cannabis Academy will create entrepreneurial and employment opportunities for disenfranchised communities and impact zones through education and workforce development,” stated Okoro. “With education and technical training, we have the ability to reduce barriers and create a more diverse and equitable industry here in New Jersey.”

The CEO of Harmony Dispensary, Shaya Brodchandel, is providing financial backing for the pilot program, with will include bud tending and horticulture courses aimed at helping those who want to work at a dispensary or on the cultivation end..

The program expects to welcome an inaugural class of 25 students from Jersey City, Newark and Irvington in June.

“What Brendon and Stanley have created through their passion for education is the manifestation of teaching a man to fish,” Brodchandel  said. “We are going to put real people into real jobs, helping them build real careers. That will make an impact on the community we are serving.”

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