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Acting New Jersey Attorney General Andrew Bruck. (Photo: Edwin Torres/Office of the Governor).

Bruck adds New Jersey to coalition of states opposing Georgia election law

By Joey Fox, August 16 2021 1:06 pm

Acting Attorney General Andrew Bruck announced today that he has joined a coalition of 22 state attorneys general supporting the federal government’s lawsuit against the state of Georgia’s newly enacted Election Integrity Act.

The federal government alleges that the act, which places new restrictions on absentee ballots and strips power from local election officials in Georgia, is racially discriminatory and was designed to restrict Black citizens’ voting rights.

“In New Jersey, we are committed to ensuring that it’s easy for eligible citizens to register and vote, and hard for anyone to cheat the system,” Bruck said in a statement. “Fueled by lies about the last election, too many states are moving in the opposite direction. What’s worse is that some of these new laws appear to illegally target Black and other minority voters. These racially discriminatory laws have no place in our democracy.”

The attorneys general of New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware have also joined the amicus brief; all 22 states supporting the lawsuit have Democratic attorneys general. 

Deputy Attorney General Estelle Bronstein will manage the matter within the state of New Jersey.

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