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Success is in the eye of the beholder

By David Wildstein, January 04 2018 12:01 am

Gov. Chris Christie told a New Jersey 101.5 audience last November that he thinks the New Jersey Republican Party is “no worse off,” of “even better off,” than it was before he became Governor. I strongly disagree with that characterization.

Since Christie’s inauguration. Democrats have picked up two State Senate seat sand seven Assembly seats. Republicans are completely obliterated in Bergen County, where they have lost the County Executve, County Clerk and Sheriff posts over the last eight years, and no longer have a presence on the Board of Freeholders. Democrats have beaten veteran County Clerks in Cumebrland and Somerset, and have elected a Sheriff in Atlantic. The 4-3 Democratic majority on the Passaic County Board of Freeholders is now 7-0. Cumberland is down to just one Freeholder. Republicans gained a congressional seat in District 3 (Jon Runyan, 2010), but lost one in District 5 (Josh Gottheimer, 2016). There have been many losses at the municipal level.

Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno was unable to qualify for complete matching funds in her 2013 race for Governor, and the Republican State Committee – which spent more money on helicopters and out of state travel than on direct mail for local Republican contenders – raised about 1/8 of what it did in 2013.

The greatest loss for New Jersey Republicans under Christie has been in the raw numbers: there are now 356,271 more Democrats (and 179,982 more Republicans) since the 2009 election. Christie’s been breeding Democrats at a 2-1 rate.

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