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Rzeszowski takes sides in Dem primary

By David Wildstein, February 06 2018 2:14 pm

Lacey Rzeszowski, who nearly toppled incumbent Nancy Munoz in a State Assembly race last year, has endorsed Tom Malinowski for Congress in the 7th district Democratic primary.

“What we need is a candidate who is tenacious, accomplished, nimble, and courageous.  That candidate is Tom Malinowski.  Tom has been in the trenches for the last 30 years, fighting for American ideals that are currently under attack from within our own government—ideals like liberty, equality, and rule of law,” Rzeszowski said.

Rzeszowski says she is looking forward to “kicking Leonard Lance out of office.”

“Not only does Tom’s life story embody that dream, but his steadfast dedication to fighting for American ideals of freedom will transcend party lines and reach into the hearts of the wonderful diversity that makes up CD7,” Rzeszowski said. “He knows how important it is to repeal the Republican tax grab, so that we can simplify our tax code and lower rates for everyone, while strengthening our middle class and controlling our exploding national debt.  Our ability to make sure that future generations here in New Jersey can live that dream depends upon it.

Rzeszowski praised Malinowski’s record as President Obama’s Assistant U.S. Secretary of State.

“He has gone toe-to-toe with senior government leaders in Russia and China, and heads of state in Afghanistan, Burma, Colombia.  He led the charge to expose Russian meddling in the last Presidential election, and he has a comprehensive plan to secure our future elections from corrosive foreign influence,” said Rzeszowski.  “Tom is a diplomat, who knows how to understand and work with people of differing world views.  His determination to end torture in Guantanamo resulted in a bipartisan alliance, and with the help of Senator John McCain, the passage of the Detainee Treatment Act of 2005.”

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