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Eatontown Council candidate Mariel Hufnagel. (Photo: Via Twitter)

Recount ordered in Eatontown

Just 10 votes separate second and third place

By Nikita Biryukov, December 01 2020 2:33 pm

Monmouth County Superior Court Judge Mara Zazzali-Hogan ordered a recount in Eatontown, where just 10 votes separate second and third place finishers.

Republican incumbent Mark Regan leads Democratic challenger Mariel Hufnagel 3,228-3,218. Democrat Danielle Jones is in first with 3,250 votes, while Republican James Corcoran ran last with 3,105 votes.

The recount is set to begin on Dec. 17. Zazzali-Hogan did not waive recount fees Hufnagel will have to pay.

If the Democrat emerges victorious, her party will have three of Eatontown’s six council seats. Mayor Anthony Talerico, Jr., is an independent.

Brian Trelease, of Rainone Coughlin Minchello, LLC, represented Hufnagel, while Jason Sena, of Cutolo Barros, LLC, served as counsel for Regan and Corcoran.

Deputy Attorney General Dominic Giova represented the county’s elections board. Monmouth County Clerk Christine Hanlon was represented by Bruce Padula of Cleary Giacobbe Alfier Jacobs LLC.

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