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New Jersey Policy Perspective chairwoman Marcia Marley.

Marley takes over NJPP board

Shure returns the organization he founded as vice chair

By Nikita Biryukov, July 24 2019 10:36 am

Blue Wave New Jersey president Marcia Marley will take over the role of chair of New Jersey Policy Perspective’s board of trustees, the group announced Wednesday.

“I am honored to chair the Board of NJPP, the state’s most influential and successful progressive ‘think-and-do tank,’” Marley said “I look forward to working with our outstanding new President, Brandon McKoy, and Board Vice-Chair Jon Shure to achieve the organization’s mission of economic prosperity and justice for all. In this period of unprecedented inequality, NJPP’s research and leadership have never been more relevant or necessary.”

Marley, who previously served as the board’s secretary, replaces former Edison Mayor Jun Choi, who has been chairman of the board since 2016.

Jon Shure, the group’s founder, will become the group’s vice chair.

“NJPP is incredibly fortunate to have Marcia Marley leading the Board,” said NJPP President Brandon McKoy. “Marcia is one of the sharpest minds in New Jersey politics and has a proven record of success in nonprofit leadership. I look forward to working with Marcia and Jon in our shared pursuit of a state government that puts the needs of the many before those of a chosen few.”

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