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Mahr wins key support in Westfield

By David Wildstein, February 12 2018 10:14 am

Colleen Mahr has won the endorsement of the new Democratic Mayor of Westfield and four Democratic members of the Town Council in her bid for Union County Democratic Chair.

Mayor Shelley Brindle says she has encouraged the Democratic County Committee in her hometown to support Mahr in the special election next week to replace Jerry Green as county chairman.

“Colleen and I first got to know each other last spring, early in my campaign for Mayor,” Brindle said.  “She wanted to meet with me when most folks thought I didn’t have a chance to win.”

Brindle said that Mahr, the Mayor of Fanwood and now is acting county chair, supported her “when it wasn’t popular or politically expedient.”

“She eagerly supported me throughout the campaign, helping me navigate everything from the political landscape to municipal finance. She referred me to subject matter experts and actively made sure I had the resources necessary to be successful,” said Brindle.  “With an enormous show of bipartisan support from Westfield residents, our slate of Democratic candidates won in a historic sweep, and Colleen was an instrumental part of that success.”

Joining Brindle in the Mahr endorsement are Councilwomen Linda Habgood and Dawn Mackey and Councilmen Mike Dardia and David Contract.

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