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Looks like three debates in Bayonne

By David Wildstein, March 16 2018 2:09 pm

The two major candidates for Mayor of Bayonne appear to have agreed on three debates – one in each ward – before the May 8 municipal election.

Jason O’Donnell had challenged Davis to three debates and then accused incumbent Jimmy Davis of ducking them.  But Davis denies that.

“I have never stated that I would not debate you. I do believe in open government and public participation. I just hope that you will be honest and open in your answers,” Davis wrote in a letter to O’Donnell.  “If your handling of your debate request is any indication that is not likely. You have now mispresented my campaign’s response on two occasions.”

Davis is proposing a debate that includes a third candidate, Mitchell Brown, divided into separate policy areas: finance and development; infrastructure; and quality of life.  He is proposing local reporters from the Jersey Journal, Bayonne Community News and Hudson County View as panelists.

“Open government and public participation are essential to our city and that’s why I have always believed in the value of debates,” said Davis. “I’m proud of our team’s record of finally getting development started at MOTBY, investing in our parks and recreation facilities, revitalizing Broadway and attracting smart development that’s increasing property values and stabilizing property taxes, and I look forward to talking about these important issues with my opponents in this race.”

Jimmy Davis Debate letter
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