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Photo by Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

Lonegan blames Hollywood for gun violence

Says murderers are mostly liberals

By David Wildstein, March 26 2018 12:12 pm

Republican congressional candidate Steve Lonegan blames gun violence on the Hollywood entertainment industry, saying that “the Left” has been using recent school shootings to raise money and promote their anti-gun agenda.

“They have demonized groups like the NRA, even though none of the murderers has been an NRA member,” Lonegan said at a rally for gun owners in Trenton today.  “On the contrary, these murderers have often been people firmly on the ideological Left.

A longtime Second Amendment advocate, Lonegan said the recent incidents of school violence has hit home for him because his wife is a teacher.  But he says he disagrees with expanding limits on gun ownership as a result.

“So it is okay to hook kids on large capacity magazines but not okay to have a large capacity magazine in your home when the kids they hooked go bonkers and try a home invasion?” Lonegan asked.

Lonegan accused Hollywood of “purposely marketing violent media content to children.”

“The Hollywood entertainment industry responded by increasing its campaign contributions by 1,000 percent and spending hundreds of millions on lobbying and soft money to convince Congress to forget every study it had ever read,” said Lonegan, a former mayor of Bogota who is seeking to challenge Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-Wyckoff).  “It also started to pour money into the campaign of a first term Senator named Barack Obama.”

Lonegan says he wants to “put a bullet-proof lock and a steel door between a wannabe murderer and a classroom full of children,” said Lonegan.  “To anchor that door into the structure — so that my wife’s body isn’t the last shield of defense.”

“I take school safety very personally, because my wife is a teacher. She does drills with her students in which they lock a flimsy door, the children crouch in a corner, and my wife’s body is supposed to be their shield if the bullets start flying. That’s crazy,” Lonegan said.

Attorney John McCann is challenging Lonegan in the Republican primary.

Former Harding Mayor Nicolas Platt, a Republican who is mulling a bid for Congress in the neighboring 11th district, told the New Jersey Globe last week that  “what the conservative hard-right is saying is ideological nonsense and people know it.

“That is especially true when it comes to their interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. They seem unfazed when anyone points out that even Associate Justice Antonin Scalia and Ronald Reagan concluded that a citizen’s right to bear arms did not include the ownership of an assault rifle,” said Platt, whose family owned and ran the Remington Arms Company, the largest gun and munitions factory in the world for over 70 years.  “Semi-automatic weapons have no place in civilian hands.”


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  1. Lonegan is an Arch-criminal who defrauded NJ of 2.7 million dollars in 2009 and falsified records in Bogota to cover up his crimes. He sued me for calling him a criminal – the truth was an effective defense and he lost

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