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State Sen. Vin Gopal. Photo by Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

Gopal endorses Welle for Congress

Compares Welle to Conor Lamb

By David Wildstein, March 20 2018 10:50 am

State Sen. Vin Gopal has endorsed U.S. Navy veteran Josh Welle for the Democratic nomination for Congress in New Jersey’s 4th district.  Welle is in a three-way primary for the chance to take on 19-term Rep. Chris Smith (R-Hamilton) in the fall.

Gopal is a former Monmouth County Democratic Chairman who staged a stunning upset last year, ousting three-term Republican State Sen. Jennifer Beck.

“As we saw in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District – Conor Lamb attracted Democrats, Independents and disaffected Republicans in order to win a district that Donald Trump won by 20 points. We now have one more vote to remove Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House of Representatives as a result of many different folks coming together. Josh has served his country in the U.S Navy and has a unique ability to bring people together,” Gopal said.  “A Monmouth County native, Josh’s commitment to growing our economy, standing up for our seniors by protecting social security and fighting to protect our environment makes him a very strong candidate for Congress. I am pleased to follow the Monmouth County Democrats in their endorsement of Josh Welle for Congress.”

Welle has won the organization line in Monmouth County.

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One thought on “Gopal endorses Welle for Congress

  1. This is a strange endorsement, almost seems coerced. His statement regarding Lamb’s victory is not actually tied to Welle’s candidacy. In fact, the two lines that actually pertain to Welle appear to be canned messages from Welle’s campaign material.

    I understand that Democratic leaders in and around CD04 are facing tremendous pressure to get behind Welle. Gopal, being a political newcomer, is in no position to fight back. But such obviously-forced endorsements like this are not helping Welle’s cause.

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