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Ex-Cranford Mayor backs Scutari

By David Wildstein, February 17 2018 10:43 am

A Democrat who spent eighteen years holding office in a predominately Republican town has endorsed State Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D-Linden) for Union County Democratic Chairman.

Former Cranford Mayor Dan Aschenbach says that a Scutari victory would “put Cranford in a good position for resolving the issues we face such as gun control, flood mitigation and public safety.”

“Union County is made up of urban and suburban communities, that we need to protect. The stronger our communities are, the stronger the diversity and our being connected will be,” Aschenbach said.  “Senator Scutari recognizes this and has fought to make Union County a better place for all its residents.”

Aschenbach was the mayor of Cranford 

The Mayor of Cranford when Hurricane Irene caused devastating flooding in in Cranford and communities on the Rahway River corridor, Aschenbach emerged as a leading advocate of flood control projects in central New Jersey.

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