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Editor’s Note

By David Wildstein, February 28 2018 4:00 pm

Welcome to the New Jersey Globe.

Our goal is simple. To be the fastest, most insightful source of political news for the states influencers, power brokers, elected officials, and political junkies. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lobbyist or an activist, if you’re obsessed with politics, you’ve found your home. I hope I can say with some humility—and the last few years have provided a master’s class in humility—that I helped invent the political news site.

While I will always have deep affection for Wally Edge and PoliticsNJ, I launched a New Jersey political news website on January 4 as PoliticsDW to make it clear that the new site was being written under my own name.

After nearly two months, I’m pleased that the site has already developed a strong following among veteran political insiders and by those empowered to become interested in New Jersey politics as a result of the national political environment. I am grateful for the opportunity to join Sea of Reeds Media, where my journalism will be supported by a professional business and sales staff. As we expand our coverage, Globe readers will benefit from the most deeply sourced reporting and thoughtful opinion available anywhere in the Garden State.

I am thankful for the tremendous growth the site has enjoyed so far and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you again.

David Wildstein

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