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Democrat ends primary challenge to Menendez

Michael Starr Hopkins says he fell short of fundraising goals

By David Wildstein, March 03 2018 11:49 am

Citing the difficulty in raising money to run statewide, Michael Starr Hopkins has dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senator.

“In a campaign system requiring more and more money to run for public office, and running in one of the most expensive media markets in the United States, we fell shy of our financial goals,” said Hopkins, a former campaign staffer for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  “In a campaign system such as we have that is stacked against the average guy seeking public office to challenge an incumbent, prodigious fundraising is practically the only way to get the traction needed to keep a campaign afloat.”

Hopkins hinted that he is leaning toward an endorsement of Bob Menendez, saying that he is “ready to assist the party.”

“Our campaign may not have ended the way we had hoped, but our fight to improve New Jersey and the country as a whole, will continue.”

Mitchell Horn, a former Morris County freeholder candidate, and Rahway activist Lisa McCormick are also challenging Menendez in the primary.

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