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Star-Ledger editorial page editor Tom Moran. (Photo: Tom Moran via Instagram).

At Star-Ledger editorial board, dissenters need not apply

By David Wildstein, December 14 2022 8:59 pm

The Star-Ledger is hiring a new editorial writer and Tom Moran wants to make sure the job goes to someone who mostly sees the world the way he does.

“The editorial board arrives at its positions by consensus, so an ability to work in a group and constructively engage in challenging conversation is central,” the job posting said.  “We welcome different perspectives, and are enriched by them, but the writer should feel comfortable with the positions the board has taken on most issues.”

In other words, disagree just enough to enrich Moran, the editorial page editor, but not so much as to be incompatible with his views.

Moran wants someone who can “write persuasively” with a “proven ability to write with clarity and power.”

Still, it’s clear that the Star-Ledger still, perhaps uniquely, views the editorial page with the relevance of its past since they are putting their money into opinion journalism and not, for example, a beat news reporter.

“Please spread the word,” Moran asked in a social media post.  “We’re going to move fast.”

It’s possible that the position has already been filled: a job opening for a Star-Ledger editorial writer does not appear on the Advance Publications website.

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