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Amazon picks Newark as finalist

By David Wildstein, January 18 2018 10:57 am

Newark has made the cut as one of twenty finalists to be the location of Amazon’s second headquarters.  The company had 238 applications.

Last week, outgoing Gov. Chris Christie and the New Jersey Legislature approved a $5 billion tax subsidy to help convince Amazon to come to New Jersey.   The measure was supported by both parties.

“I remain confident that Amazon, when it takes a close look at each finalist, will realize the Newark has everything it needs,” Assembly Budget Committee Chairwoman Eliana Pintor Marin said in a statement today.  “It’s the focal point of a massive economic region, featuring a burgeoning technology center, the nation’s fastest Internet, world-class transportation infrastructure, renowned higher education facilities, an amazing culture and history and a diverse and talented workforce. No place in America offers the great potential that Newark does for Amazon.”

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