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Rutgers University football. (Photo: Brian Lepore).

FDU poll finds college sports gambling narrowly losing 39-41%

By Joey Fox, October 29 2021 1:09 pm

A poll released today by Fairleigh Dickinson University found that a ballot initiative to legalize betting on college sports is underwater 39-41% among New Jersey voters. 

The result nevertheless represents a massive improvement for the initiative since FDU last polled the state in July; only 25% of respondents in that poll said they’d support the proposal, versus 49% opposed.

Another poll on the issue, released yesterday by Stockton University, found the initiative losing 37-51%. 

There hasn’t been much publicity around this ballot question, and a lot of people are going to miss it, or skip it,” said Dan Cassino, the executive director of the FDU poll. “It’s much closer than it was before, and there are many voters who aren’t going to make a decision about it until they get into the ballot box.” 

Of the 26 states where sports gambling is legal, New Jersey is currently the only one to bar it for college sports specifically. The legislature approved the ballot question to change that in June, but the campaign has since received very little attention and most prominent politicians have not weighed in with their own stances.

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