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New Jersey Republican State Chairman Bob Hugin. (Photo by Nikita Biryukov).

Biden upside-down among N.J. voters, new GOP poll says

Generic ballot for Congress has Republicans with a 19-point lead among unaffiliateds

By David Wildstein, March 24 2022 9:00 am

As New Jersey Republicans head to Atlantic City this weekend for their annual two-day state party summit, the GOP  has a new poll with good news for their candidates.

President Joe Biden’s job approvals are upside-down in New Jersey, 45%-53%.  Among unaffiliated voters – sometimes referred to as independents – Biden’s approvals are at  32%-65, while 26% of Democrats disapprove of his performance so far.

More New Jerseyans approve of Gov. Phil Murphy’s job performance that disapprove, but at a narrow 49%-47% margin.  The bad news for Democrats is  that number is an upside-down 34%-61% among unaffiliateds.

Republicans have a 19-point lead, 52%-33%, on a generic congressional ballot among unaffiliated voters statewide.  About one-in-five Democrats are also prepared to support a GOP candidate for Congress.

Inflation is the number one issue of concern to New Jersey voters (31.5%), followed by climate change (11.5%), lower taxes (9.8%), stemming the flow of illegal immigration and securing U.S. borders (9.5%) improving the economy and creating jobs (8.8%), and improving health care access and cost (7.5%).

More than half the state say they trust Republicans more on handling the economy, inflation, taxes and crime and public safety issues.

Nine out of ten New Jerseyans say that ““elected officials must immediately address our high taxes, rising inflation, and increasing cost of living.”

The GOP poll also shows than unaffiliateds, by a 64%-33% margin, agree that “government has overstepped its boundaries and parents should be empowered when it comes to their children’s education,” including the Covid issue.  Among parents, that number is 60%-38%.

Among unaffiliated voters, 69% agree that “it’s time to move past COVID-19.  Any remaining mandates should be lifted.”  Among parents, 66% agree and 32% disagree.

“This poll makes it crystal: there are simply no lifeboats in the coming Red Wave for any Democrat who stood by and allowed the Biden-Harris agenda to create the highest inflation in decades and misery at the gas pump. The entire Democratic brand is damaged goods up and down the ballot, something the NJGOP has found to be true on the ground in recent special election wins in towns previously carried by Joe Biden,” said Tom Szymanski, the executive director of the New Jersey Republican State Committee.  “Democrats should know that the dissatisfaction with their feckless leadership runs deep, and we are prepared to take full advantage by identifying with all the voters who are connecting with our candidates’ ideas to help struggling middle class families.”

The poll, obtained and reviewed by the New Jersey Globe, was conducted by Cygnal, named by Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight as the top Republican private pollster in the U.S.  The poll was conducted between March 17-19 with a sample size of 500 and has a margin of error of +/- 4.34%.

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